Sunday, March 25, 2007

How Is This Legal?!

Car insurance: The biggest scam in the world.

Joe Safedriver is your average responsible driver. He gets his oil changed every three thousand miles, he wears his seat belt, pays his car note on time and purchases full coverage insurance. Joe Safedriver has never had a wreck, and has been with the same insurance company for ten years, paying his premiums in a timely fashion. One day, Joe Safedriver, for all his safeness, finally has his first car wreck. He's partially at fault, and thankfully no one is injured. His insurance company comes to his rescue, fixing his car in little time, and he's back on the road doing his safeness thing.

Four months later, when his insurance is up for renewal, he notices a HUGE premium increase. Outraged, he calls up his insurance company to (politely) demand an explanation for his rate hike. The customer service lady cheerfully informs him that due to his recent incident, he is now considered a "High Risk Driver" and the underwriters were required to increase his rates as a safeguard against his tarnished driving record.

So Joe Safedriver's been paying his $1200 a year for the last ten years with no accidents or tickets. Joe Safedriver has paid $12,000 to his insurance company, $0 of which they have had to spend on him. Why, then, is he required to pay more after an accident? Even if they had to spend $5000 to fix Joe's car, they've still made $7000 in profit (Joe's idea of profit being money a company has taken from him and not had to spend on him).

What crap!