Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Random Bits

1. I dry myself off passively when i get out of the shower. I put on a size 6XL bathrobe that fits me like a tent on a q-tip, and sit for about half an hour reading Myspace, email, and various forums until i'm dry.

2. I currently own 134 different varieties of tea. Not counting individual varieties in the variety packs.

3. My favourites are Orange Dulce and Darjeeling.

4. On the rare occasions i have actual cash in my pocket, i'm afraid to spend it because then i won't have any cash in my pocket. So i'll walk around with $5-$20 dollars in my pocket for weeks on end and use my debit card, just to have that $5-$20 dollars still in my pocket.

5. I can't stand how lotion feels on my skin. I'd rather have dry, unattractive skin than to experience that awful, greasy, sticky, something-on-my-hands feeling lotion gives me.

6. I repeat things quietly to myself after i say them. It annoys me, but i can't seem to quit doing it.

7. I think people should stop giving Christmas presents. I think people should give to each other throughout the year to say "Here, i saw this and thought about you." instead of, "Here, i bought this because society dictates i have to give you something today.".

8. I'm a grammar Nazi. I absolutely abhor when people type "u" for "you", and "ur" for either "your" or "you're", not that they usually know the difference. In general, substituting a couple of letters for a whole word just grates on my nerves. Ne1. . . Ugh! That one HAS to be my least favorite.

9. I type so much more than i write that my once-awesome handwriting is slowly degenerating into unreadability.

10. I have a fascination with blank books and pads of paper. Not the bland, yellow legal pads, but the kind with cool covers and little pockets on the inside to hold things. I own a lot of them. Owning a lot of them does not stop me from buying more when i see one i like. And once i get them, i'm usually hesitant about writing in them, for fear of "using them up too quickly". So i have one with a lot of writing in it, and a bunch of others with little or none.

Friday, January 11, 2008

And So It Begins

My quest to lose some ass, and maybe one of my chins. I went yesterday to my first Weight watchers meeting, and enrolled for a slimmer, sexier body that doesn't tire and ache as easily as this one does :) I'd love to have the courage to post my starting weight here, but i really don't (yes, it's that bad). Suffice to say, i need to lose a LOT. But the hardest part is over. . . I really didn't want to take that first step (the one that put me onto a scale in the first place), but now that it's done, i actually feel a lot better knowing because now i have a place to start.

For those familiar with WW, there's two plans: The Core Plan and the Flex Plan. I'm going to start with the Flex Plan (the point-counting one) and see how well that goes. Ultimately i plan to switch to the Core plan when i know more about cooking healthily (for those who know me and my family, healthy cooking isn't something i grew up with). Anyway, i plan to track my progress here. Wish me luck and will power!