Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Willpower, Why Hath Thou Forsaken Me?

I know, I really have a flair for the over-dramatic, but it just hasn't been a good past couple of days. Monday I talked myself into cheesecake (yes, that same cheesecake I blogged about on Monday; that same cheesecake that caused my coworker to call me out on my whiny bitchism). I tracked it, though, and I was determined to not let that piece of lemony, blueberry-ey goodness put a wedge in my week. (Get it? A wedge in my week? Okay, sorry. Moving on. . .)

Then I got some pretty awful news last night. Not good, seeing as how I'm an honest-to-God, dyed-in-the-wool emotional eater. So maybe I can't exactly articulate how terrible news translates to Taco Bell, but it did last night- a seven layer burrito and a nacho supreme. I know, I know! I could have at least eaten off the Fresco menu, but I didn't.

I was tempted not to track it. . . okay, I'd totally decided not to track it and just throw in the towel for the week. But then I got up this morning and decided I just had to know the damage, so I looked it up and tracked it. Turns out it didn't completely wreck my week (I've got 8 weeklies left, and this is my WI day). But I'm still upset, and worried about how that's going to impact my day.

I promise, I'll do my best not to let it.


Angelia said...

I did the same thing last week. While the circumstances weren't the same, I totally ate emotional taco bell. I've had a bad week too AND it doesn't help that my WW meeting was cancelled because of this insane snow storm.

I'm proud of you for tracking it! You know, even when you do "mess up", you can always get some APs to make it right again. Your whole week isn't ruined! I tend to write off days. This week though, I'm tempted to write off the whole week.

Corpus Christie said...

My meeting was canceled too =/ I was sposta weigh in today, and now I really wanna just eat whatever since I don't have to go in till next Tuesday ><

I need some good comfort food. I wish I had some cornbread.